Katie Qingqing Pan (潘青青)'s Team


Bio of Katie Qingqing Pan (潘青青)

PKU 89 Law. Came to US in 1991 as a transferring undergraduate student and graduated with both Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Taxation degrees in 1996 from Baylor University in Texas. Started her career in a public accounting firm in Dallas, Texas while acquired her Certified Public Accountant license, then worked in corporate accounting as a controller in Los Angeles in 1998, subsequently became a management consultant in turnaround and restructuring business before she joined UBS Financial Services as a Financial Advisor to mange investment portfolio for high net worth individuals and business owners. Katie's family includes her husband Alan, 7 years-old son Marvin, and 4 years-old daughter Alicia living in Arcadia.

Katie Qingqing Pan's statements:

Thank you everyone for giving us the opportunity to serve our beloved members of Peking University Alumni Association of Southern California for the year 2008-2010. We are very honored and humbled, as everyone one knows that volunteer works require sacrifice and commitment as we have seen from many of our outstanding alumni like Hongyu, Sikun, Yanan, Zhimin, Ximeng, etc. while they were serving on the Executive Committee in the past. I am grateful for having such an outstanding team here to offer our service and commitment to our organization. We will try our best efforts to serve each one of you, and welcome you to join us so our association will grow and attract young talent to continue the service tradition of PUAASC.

Team members as the Vice President candidates:

Bio of Tony Yunlong Sun 孙云龙, born in Beijing , grew up in Chongqing . Got in PKU 1982, English Major. After graduation, spent 4 years in Beijing Film Studios, hanging out in a few film productions with those 5th generations film directors. In 1990, went to Univ of Alabama for MA in film studies. Came to LA in 1992, currently running a outside agent operation for JP Morgan Chase merchant service. Single and available.

Tony Yunlong Sun on Fundraising: Well, most of us have been in the US for a while, most of time, we hear "money makes the world go around", as in old Shanghai "money pays the demon to push the mill around"...I definitely believe we have enough alumni in southern calif who would like make contributions to raise the name of "Baida" as a mater dei here across the Pacific Ocean. When the flag of Beida is up, deep in our hearts, we know something more important than money is up, our pride, our achievements as creme de creme of Chinese in our golden years. In the year of mouse , we'll do whatever we can to nibble up all the funds to keep the flag flying up high...

Bio of Chunlei Xia 夏春雷, graduated from Peking University in 2002 with B.S. in Physics and B.A. in Economics. He is a physics PhD student at the University of Southern California since 2003. He is also working on his Master's degrees in Mathematical Finance and Computer Science. The expected graduation date is Dec 2008 .

Chunlei Xia on Recreation Activities: We used to have dance party, July 4th firework watch, there is no reason not to carry on. We will also have our traditional SongZhuMei picnic jointly with other alumni associations. Camping, hiking and other activities could also be considered. It has been discussed a lot that having our conference on a boat, maybe we will have a chance this year. Katie for The EC team

Bio of Bailing Zhang 张柏苓, born in Beijing, grew up in Beihang. Graduated from Beijing Medical University, School of Pharmacology in 1983, with B.S. in Pharmacy.She has her Master Degree in Chemistry(Biochem) from University of Akron in 1988. Upon her graduation she has worked for several Biotech or Pharmaceutical companies in Boston or L.A. area. Currently, she is working for Bachem Pharmaceutics in Torrance as Research Scientist. She married to Herman Pang, with tow sons Justin, 10 year-old; Isaac, 8 year-old. Her whole family is licensed Ham Radio operators.

Bailing Zhang's statement on Alumni Support: Most of us have served for PUAASC in the past years. With our dedication, enthusiasm and the team work in serving the alumni from the PUAASC family, this time, we will continue the tradition of Beida and PUAASC. Please join us to make it your home, where you can find the help you need and have the happiest time you will remember. This new team will work together to provide supports and services to our alumni under the leadership of Katie Pan. We also would like to create the networking space and communication channels and strengthen the friendship among our alumni in Southern California. To provide support service and help organize events with other divisions of the PUAASC. Work with membership Outreach division for a possible "Mentor program" pair up new coming alumni with established alumni in greater Los Angeles.

Fred Hui Ouyang's Membership Outreach: Work together with PUAASC President to reach out to PKU alumni in Southern California . Specifically, we will work closely with the Chinese student body to promote PUAASC in following universities: UCLA, USC, CalTech, UC Irvine, UC Riverside and other institutions. Our goal is to reach out to every PKU alumni who are currently either working or studying in these schools and institutions. By stressing on member service, helping member's life transition and career development, listening to member's voice, concern and request, we hope to build up a community for PKU alumni in this region and get them involved in helping each other.