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Singles' party on Saturday Mar 24

Dear alumni and friends,


Peking University Alumni Association of Southern California (PUAASC) is pleased to host a Singles' Party on next Saturday, Mar 24th. The party will be at a secluded room at Holiday Cafe in Monterey Park, starting from 6 pm to mid-night. The restaurant address is:


Holiday Cafe

111 N Atlantic Blvd # 349

Monterey Park, CA 91754

Telephone 626-282-1306


The room is equipped with hardwood dance floor and karaoke equipment in addition to elegant decorations. A buffet style dinner will be served, with complimentary soft drink and red wine. Total price is $20. Dress code is semi-formal.


The map and online ticket ordering system are available at http://www.pku.org/rsvp/singlesparty


Whether you are an alumni of Peking University or not, you are cordially invited to join this party as long as you are legally qualified as single.


Totally 50 tickets have been reserved for our guests, evenly partitioned according to gender, i.e., 25 for ladies and 25 for gentlemen. Because of the limited number of tickets in this party, you have to purchase the tickets in advance ASAP to secure your spots.


Note to attendees:

Please be reminded that this party is to facilitate maximum interactions between attendees. If you expect a partner who shall talk or dance with you exclusively, this party is not for you.


Background to this party:

While most of our alumni and friends are successful in pursuing their careers and degrees in the US, lots of them are still having hard time finding Mr. or Mrs. Right in their lives here because either they focus too much on their work with little time to be spared for anything else, or they have too small a pool of candidates to choose in their own neighborhoods, or it is difficult to find their matches in a foreign country and culture. The good news is that, as one of the largest Chinese alumni associations in the southern California area, PUAASC knows lots of excellent single professionals and students are available in and out of our association. Thus, we are pleased to host a singles’ party specially dedicated to them.


We would like to express a special thanks to the Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California (CESASC) for donating roses and balloons for the party.


Best regards,