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The Peking University ping-pong team in coming to town!

The Peking University table tennis team is visiting the US from 11/22 to 12/3. This ping-pong trip is to increase the culture and sports exchange between the US and China, and more importantly to promote the 2008 Olympic ping-pong game to be played in the PKU sports center. The team consists of 4 female players and 3 male players, including the former world champion Liang Geliang (梁戈亮) and Liu Wei (刘伟).


Their last stop in the US is Los Angeles. They will come to LA on 12/2 (Sat) and leave on 12/4 (Mon). PUAASC is organizing a friendship game between the visiting players and the top rated local athletes in southern California. Ordinary ping-pong fans will also have chance to play with them for fun. The location of the game will be in west Los Angeles, and the time will be on Sunday (12/3) evening. More details are to be announced later this week. Please mark your calendar for now.


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