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Beach party at Santa Monica

Dear Alumni,


After a long rainy spring, finally we welcomed the golden season of the southern California, the summer time. PUAASC is going to organize a series of outdoor activities to enrich alumni’s social lives.


We started with a beach party at Santa Monica this Saturday (6/10). Together we can play beach volleyball, roller blade, or just enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery over there. You are welcome to bring your own beach equipments and toys to take advantage of the nice Santa Monica beach. It is conveniently located at the end of west freeway 10 and the start of Pacific Coast Highway 1. The famous shopping street is within the walking distance to the beach.


Officially we plan to start the volleyball game around 2 pm in the afternoon, although some of us may want to get there earlier. The party will end around sunset or whenever people feel like. Water and limited refreshments are available.


The main spot of our party is going to be around the volleyball net west to the Santa Monica Pier, as seen in the following bird’s view map: http://local.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&cp=pp34xp53qqt4&style=o&lvl=1&scene=501097


More parking and driving information is available at http://parking.santa-monica.org/det_beachnorth.html


Sunblock and sunglass are usually desired at the beach. If it’s cloudy or windy however, you may also want to bring a jacket with you. In case you get lost or if we have to change spot in the middle of the day, you can find us by calling Hongyu at (805) 405-5394.


Let's have some fun together!


Best regards,