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UCI Immigration Seminar
Dear alumni,


PUAASC has learned the following event which may interest some of you.






CSSA-UCI Present:


Immigration Seminar and One-on-One Evaluation


Where: VP Commons (street address: 6529 Adobe Circle Rd, Irvine,

CA, 92697)


When: 5/23/04, Sunday Evening 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.


Speakers: Mr. Steve Qi


Law Offices of Steve Qi & Associates


Note: The seminar will be in Mandarin.


For non-Chinese speakers, one-on-one consultation is available after the



Admission: Free, Drinks will be provided


Dear CSSA Members:


While the deteriorating US economy has already made it difficult for our

senior CSSA members in the job market, the increasingly restrictive INS

policies toward immigrants after 9.11, coupled with the decreased number of

H1B visas, make it even worse for our members without a green card to

compete in the job market. Obtaining permanent residence (green card) while

still in school becomes crucial at this moment.


To help our CSSA members to be familiar with updated USCIS policies, and

better prepared for their career, CSSA is hosting an immigration informative

seminar on May 23, 2004. The speaker, Mr. Steve Qi from Law Offices of

Steve Qi & Associates, will be there to address the immigration issues that

concern the CSSA members the most. One-on-one consultation after the seminar

will be arranged.


The topics include the following:


Nonimmigrant-related Issues:


1. How to maintain legal F1 status when your practical

training is expiring (OPT).


2. What you should know when changing your status from F1 to

H1B. Who are affected by the decreased number of H1B visas.


3. Can F1 student open a business and hire himself as an H-1B.


4. Can H4 Visa holder work in the US? Can H4 holder change to

other types of visas.


5. Can J1 change to H1B? Do you know J1 can work in the US

with O1 visa when you can no longer stay in the US in J1 status.


Immigrant-related Issues:


6. Are F1 students eligible for greencard application


7. What are the available approaches of getting green card

while you are still at school working toward your PhD degree or as a

post-doc researcher?


8. What is AC21? How can you benefit from AC21 as a F1 student

or H1B post-doctor research fellow.


9. Self-evaluation: are you qualified for National Interests

Waiver (NIW), EB1A(Alien of extraordinary ability), or EB1B (Outstanding



10. New trends on national interests waiver (NIW); Successful

cases analysis on NIW and EB1


11. Can you change job while your employer sponsored greencard

for you?


12. What is Labor Certification (LC)greencard? Can you apply for

greencard through LC if not qualified for NIW and EB1A/B?


13. What should you do as a new student for your green card



You are encouraged to email your detailed resumes to the law firm prior to

the seminar so that the attorneys can review it and discuss it with you in

detail at the seminar. Our email address is: steveqi@sqilaw.com ;

miaohai@sqilaw.com. Attn: Seminar at UR IRvine.


Steve Qi has been giving the informational seminars on immigration to

Chinese students and scholars across the country for many years. He has

also been successfully represented thousands of Chinese students, scholars

and professionals on their immigrant and nonimmigrant matters. Feel free to

contact this law firm if you have any immigration question.


Phone number: 888-386-9878(toll free);


What to prepare for the one-on-one consultation:


Detailed resume, listing your education background, work experience,

publications, awards and certificates, patents?~{5X~}nd any other documents

which will help with your evaluation.