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"Say Hello to Spring" Dancing Party

Dear alumni,


Please find below an event announcement from CSSA-UCLA which may interest some

of you.


Best regards,




Hello, Spring Quarter!!


New Quarter, New Beginning.

Everything is new, even you -----my old friends :-)

Welcome to our "Say Hello to Spring" Dancing Party!


Music, Dance, old faces and new faces, see you there~~


TIME: 7:00pm-12:00pm, Apr. 10, 2004, Saturday

7:00pm-12:00pm, May 30, 2004, Sunday


PLACE: Grand Salon at Kerckhoff Hall, UCLA (please check Kerckhoff Hall on




1)Free parking around UCLA campus

2)Free parking after 9PM in the meter area of UCLA parking lot 6; Meter

parking(12 minutes per quarter) before 9PM in the meter area of park lot 6.




Students from any schools with an official student ID------------


All valid UCLA ID holders PLUS admission of one "guest"----FREE!!!

Others: $5



Xi Chen( dawnchen@ucla.edu)

Wen Lin(maria_lw@yahoo.com)

Guocai Wu (guocaiwu@ucla.edu)


Organizer: Chinese Students and Scholars Association at UCLA (CSSA-UCLA)

Co-sponsor: Center for Student Programming (CSP)


Note: You are responsible for the safety of your own personal belongings. People

without CSSA-UCLA or CSP's permission are NOT permitted to distribute any

commercial, political flyers or other materials during the party.



CSSA-UCLA Committee

Apr 02, 2004