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Reminder of Beijing Association Event on 3/23

Dear alumni,


Beijing Association will host a luncheon on Sunday, March 23 to formally

announce and celebrate its foundation. The Association is founded by Mr.

Shaoguang Ding, Mr. Zhenzhong Zhang, Ms. Yuling Li, Mr. Ya Li, and Ms. Sujiu

Zhang. The primary objective of the Association is to facilitate communication,

and strengthen ties between overseas Chinese and our home country.


Location: Empress Harbor Restaurant

Address: 111 N. Atlantic Blvd., #350, Monterey Park, 91754

Phone Number: 626-300-8833

Time: 3/23/2003, 12:30pm (12:00pm-12:30pm Social Time)

Lunch Fees: $20(Non-student), $10(Student)


Any one who has worked or studied in Beijing are welcome to join the

Association and attend the luncheon. Membership registration and luncheon

seat reservation is available at http://www.beijingusa.org


Best regards,