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Meeting Deputy Vice Minister Prof. Ji Zhou

Dear alumni,


On October 25, Deputy Vice Minister Prof. Ji Zhou of the Education Ministry of

China visited Los Angeles and had a discussion with selected overseas Chinese

scholars. PUAASC Board Member Prof. Zhen-Su She, President Dr. Sikun Lan, Vice

President Dr. Wensheng Zhou, and USC CSSA President Mr. Xiaofei Wang (PKU

alumnus) were invited along with more than 20 other distinguished scholars.


Prof. Zhou introduced recent development in the China's higher education. He

said China's total number of college/university students (undergraduate,

graduate, and professional) was very close to that of the US. About 15% of

college age citizens can attend college in 2002, which reaches a global

indicator of popular higher education. He said education related opportunities

are rich in China and he encouraged overseas Chinese scholars to take short or

long term teaching positions in China.


Scholars provided many recommendations and suggestions to Prof. Zhou and his

associates. When Dr. Lan asked about opportunities for alumni who are working

in the US, Dr. Yaoxue Zhang, Director General of Department of Higher Education

of Ministry of Education, encouraged PUAASC to collect information of alumni

who can use English to teach at the newly established 35 (including PKU)

Software Institutes when they are vacationing in China. If you are interested,

please contact info@pku.org.


If you are interested in meeting Chinese delegations in the future, please

contact info@pku.org.


Best regards,