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Farewell Party to Consul E Xuewen and Welcome Party to Consul Li Yaosheng

Dear alumni,


Please find below the announcement for the farewell party to Consul E Xuewen

and welcome party to Consul Li Yaosheng. PUAASC is one of the organizers.


All alumni are welcome to attend. The admission is free.


If you'd like to attend, please RSVP to info@pku.org by Thursday so that we can

let the people who buy food know how many people are coming.


Best regards,





Dear friends,


As you know, Consul E Xuewen will leave for China early next month. Meanwhile,

the new Consul, Li Yaosheng, will take his place in the following years.


Due to the tremendous contribution of Consul E to the Chinese community in

Southern California, Chinese students, scholars, and alumni organizations will

hold a farewell party on May 25, 6:30pm - 10:30pm, at China Press Building.

Meanwhile, we will hold the welcome party for Consul Li together. Consul Li

will work closely with us in the following years, let us send our warmest



This party is also a social party that all the leaders of Chinese students,

professionals, and alumni organizations get together and know each other.

Karaoke and dancing party will be held at the end of the party. Please bring

your family as well.


Party name: Farewell Party to Consul E Xuewen and Welcome Party to

Consul Li Yaosheng




Chinese Professors Association in Southern California,

PKU Alumni Association in Southern California (PUAASC),

Tsinghua Alumni Association in California (THUAA),

Oversea Chinese Management Association(OCMAn),

Oversea Chinese Professionals & Projects Union(PPUnion),

Chinese Students & Scholars Associations Union(CSSA-Union)


Time: Saturday, 6:30pm - 10:30pm, May 25


Place: Room 101, China Press Building

2121 W. Mission Rd, Alhambra, CA 91803


Admission: Free


Programs: Dinner and Social time

Speech of Consul E

Speech of Consul Li

Speech of Representatives

Performance Show

Free Speech

Karaoke and Dancing


Contact: Fusheng Wang: wangfsh@cs.ucla.edu, (310)391-4510(h),

(310)825-2476(o), (310)801-3324(c).

Tianran Ming


Please count the people in your organization who will come to the party,

and feedback to Fusheng Wang.


Driving Directions:


Parking is free