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Inauguration Meeting of Chinese Association for Science and Technology, Californ

Dear alumni,


Chinese Association for Science and Technology, California chapter at Los

Angeles (CAST-CA (LA)) will be newly founded. Based on the nature of this

organization, we believe it may interest many alumni, especially those

majoring in science and engineering.


Please find below the news announcement for the inauguration meeting of



Best Regards,






Inauguration Meeting of Chinese Association for Science and Technology,

California Chapter at Los Angeles


With pleasure and honor, we'd like to announce that Chinese Association for

Science and Technology, California Chapter (hereafter (CAST-CA), and California

Chapter at Los Angeles (hereafter (CAST-CA (LA)) will be officially founded on

April 20, 2002 at the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in

Los Angeles after being carefully planned by CAST-CA's preparatory committee.

The exhibition of CAST-CA (LA) at the 40th CESASC Convention on March 30-31

2002 received warm welcome and compliments from local communities. For the

coming inauguration meeting, we invited a successful entrepreneur Dr. Shen Chen

to give a speech entitled "The Experience of a Biotech Entrepreneurship

Exchanged from 1 Million Mileage." In addition, Dr. Wang Feiyue, Vice president

of CAST, USA and Consul Dong, Jianlong, Consul for Science and Technology

Affairs, will give speeches at the meeting. Dinner and Chinese movie will also

be served. Please come and join us for this wonderful event to know more about

CAST-CA (LA), make more friends and build up your professional network.


To make a brief introduction, CAST-CA (LA) is a non-political, non-profit

Organization chartered in California at Los Angeles. The majority of CAST-CA

(LA) members are Chinese professionals and students in the Greater Los Angeles



The missions of CAST-CA (LA) are to:

1. Promote China's economic reform and open policy, and the prosperity of both

China and the U.S. by creating channels for technological, commercial and

cultural exchange between the two countries;

2. Promote the exchange of professional information and knowledge among members

in order to assist in members' career development in the U.S.;

3. Provide the opportunity and environment for members to network and

communicate, to keep and promote the fine Chinese traditions. We welcome all

the friends including those from Mainland China, Taiwan and other regions who

agree with the missions of CAST-CA (LA) to apply for membership.


Time: April 20, 2002 (Saturday), start from 3:00PM

Location: 443 Shatto Place, Los Angeles, CA 90020

Fees: $4.0 for members; $6.0 for non-members (you are welcome to join CAST-CA (LA) on site)


Please make reservation to any of the following people who is at your local

area before April 18, 2002 (Thursday) in order for us to better serve food.




Liu, Bingrong (UCLA) 310-313-0451, email: bingrong12@hotmail.com

Lu, Mingchi (East LA) 626-378-0823, mlu168@yahoo.com

Xie, Dong (UCLA) 310-390-8538, xied@ucla.edu

Yan, Liping (Irvine) (714) - 596-0883, L.Yan@earthmech.com

Qu, James (Torrance) 310-370-3367, james.qu@excite.com

Qian, Xueming (Valley) 818-597-4872, shermanqian@yahoo.com


Driving direction: Take I-10, exit at Vermont, drive toward north, turn right

on 6th St., then turn left on Shatto Place (or see



Parking Direction: Park your car on the street or the nearby public parking

lot. Car pool is encouraged.


CAST-CA (LA) Prepartory Committee

April 12, 2002