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Joint Picnic Party of PUAASC, CTUAA-SC and THAA-SC on March 23

PUAASC will organize a picnic party together with two fellow alumni associations

CTUAA-SC (Chiao Tong University Alumni Association of Southern California) and

THAA (Tsinghua University Alumni Association of Southern California). For more

information in Chinese on the activities at the party, please visit the Web page

"http://www.pku.org/picnic.jpg". All alumni (including those from the Beijing

Medical University Alumni Association) are welcome to join the party, and are

welcome to bring family members and friends with you.


We intend to make this a wonderful social event: Barbecue food as well as lunch

boxes of Chinese food (reservation needed) will be served. Abundant interesting

activities and raffles will be arranged. Besides, you can tour the beautiful

park and have your children enjoy the mini-train and zoo there.


Time: 3/23(Saturday) 11:00AM -

Location: Irvine Regional Park

1 Irvine Park Road

Orange, CA 92862

Fees: Free for children under 12; $6 for students and seniors; $9 for all



General Direction to the Park:

From I-5, exit Jamboree and head north for about 6.1 miles straight into

the park. You can visit the web site "http://www.uula.comfor more details

(including a map of the park).


Specific Direction to the Parking Lot/Picnic Area:

First of all, please download a map of the park from

"http://www.pku.org/park-map.gif". You can also ask the ranger for a map at

the entrance of the park when you arrive there.

The site we have reserved for the party is Group Area II, which is close to

Orange County Zoo. Nearby are 3 parking lots you may use: P-19, P-18 and P-17.

In case these 3 parking lots are full, you can also use P-16 and P-21.

In case you get lost, just follow the signs in the park toward Orange County

Zoo. Parking lot 19 and Group Area II are just nearby.

Tip: follow the direction signs on the brown wood boards on the roadside. We

will post those signs in both English and Chinese.


Note: The parking fee there is $4. Please carpool if possible.


Once again, all alumni as well as your family members and friends are welcome

to join this party. Please confirm to us as soon as possible so that we can

better serve you.


1) Send your confirmation to any of the following people:

PUAASC (LA area): Zhou Wensheng: wzhou@hrl.com, phone: 310-3175278

PUAASD (San Diego area): Li Ming: mli@hnc.com, phone: 619-723-5043

BMUAA: Yuan, Pu-Qing: pqyuan@ucla.edu, phone: 310-478-3711 ext. 41877

In your confirmation, please indicate the following information:

Number of people to attend: ( *) adults ( *) kids

Food preference: ( *) chinese food lunch box, ( *) BBQ

Carpool: ( ) needed ( ) not needed

If carpooling needed:

Area code of your home phone: ( )

Number of seats needed: ( )

Do you like to offer rides to other alumni who are living near you?

( ) Yes. ( ) No.

If yes:

Your phone number: ( )

Number of seats you can offer: ( )

* indicates number in the parentheses.


2) Write your check payable to PUAASC and pay at the entrance of the party.



Peking University Alumni Association of Southern California


Chiao Tong University Alumni Association of Southern California


Tsinghua University Alumni Association of Southern California



Should you still have questions, please contact us at wzhou@hrl.com.


Best regards,

Executive Committee