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PKU President Will Visit LA on April 14th

Dear alumni,


As most of you have already known, on April 14th PKU President Xu Zhihong will

come to Los Angeles, the first stop of his US trip for the formation and

promotion of the Peking University Education Foundation (USA). He will lead a

strong delegation including former President Chen Jia-er and current Vice

President Ming Weifang. Three PKU enterprise CEOs, Zhang Zhaodong (Founder), Ye

Lining (Jade Bird) and Xu Zhendong (Resource), will also come with the

delegation. PUAASC and the Alumni Association in San Diego will organize the

following two events to welcome President Xu and the delegation.


1. Alumni Gathering -- PKU Anniversary Celebration (free for all alumni)


Time: 2pm -- 5pm, April 14, Saturday

Location: Pasadena Hilton, California Ballroom

168 S. Los Robles Ave.

Pasadena, CA 91101


This event provides an opportunity for the alumni here to meet President Xu and

The other members of the delegation. We will invite President Xu to speak on

Beida's current status, future development and how overseas alumni can help,

etc. All alumni and their family members are welcome to this event. (Children's

room will be provided for this event.)


During this event, PUAASC also wants to discuss the coming election of the

PUAASC board of directors. If you are interested in working for our alumni in

southern California, please e-mail to bryan_xu@yahoo.com and come to the



2. Dinner Banquet


Time: 5:30 pm -- 9pm, April 14, Saturday

Location: Same as above

Fee: $100 (All funds above the cost will go to PKUEF (USA)

Seating Limit: 150


This banquet intends to publicize the Peking University Education Foundation

(USA) to the southern California communities. President Xu will introduce the

Foundation in more detail and go through the projects that need funds. Large

corporation representatives, successful businesspersons, presidents or

chancellors of local prestigious universities and Nobel Prize winners will also

be invited to the banquet. Although fund-raising is not a major purpose for this

banquet, we encourage alumni who participate in the banquet to make extra

contributions to the PKU Education Foundation. (All donations will be tax

deductible, and the donators will get rewards from Peking University

corresponding to their contributions. Details will be provided later.)


If you'd like to participate in the banquet, please e-mail to fzeng@iname.com to

make a reservation. You also need to confirm your reservation by sending your

payment to PUAASC in advance. Please make your check payable to "PKUEF, USA" and

mail it to

3109 S. Oakhurst Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90034

before April 5th to confirm your reservation. If you want to fund a specific

project and want to discuss with President Xu in detail, we'll be glad to make

an arrangement for you.


For more information about the meeting, please call Feng Zeng at 213-422-9998.


Looking forward to your attendance at both events.


Best regards,

PUAASC, Board of Directors