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您们好!我们计划在5月8日的年会上发行《北京大学南加州校友会2011年刊》。去年的校友会年刊得到了校友们及社会各界的大力支持,受到了广泛的 好评。我们今年将延续去年的内容和风格,收录校友们创作的散文、诗歌以及生活杂文,有关北大的回忆、心得和感想等文章。我们特别鼓励大家提供在美国生活和 工作的照片,包括个人(校友风采)和家庭照 (Featured Family)。我们恳请每一位PUAASC的会员踊跃投稿,投稿的EMAIL地址是:puaascyb@gmail.com




我们成立了年刊及会员通讯编辑委员会,欢迎有编辑经验的校友积极加入。如果您有兴趣加入或提供相关帮助,请同陈斯(EMAIL: cs0124@gmail.com)联系。


如果您有兴趣在年刊上刊登黑白或彩色广告,请同荣劼(EMAIL: jierong@gmail.com)或常劲(EMAIL: genejchang@gmail.com)联系。




English Version


Photos and Articles from PUAASC Members Wanted for the 2011 Year Book


Dear Alumni,


We plan to publish a PUAASC 2011 Year Book and to distribute it to our members in our 2011 annual conference on May 8, 2011. It will be a valuable collection of the life stories of our members. We would like to ask every member to submit photos and articles, which record the beautiful moments of your life that you want to share with other PUAASC members and to remember many years later.


Please submit your photos and articles by email to puaascyb@gmail.com. Remember to write down your affiliation with Peking University, such as “Dept of History, BA, 1981”, etc., or “friend of PKU” if you are a friend. For photos, please write a short description with information such as title, where and when it was taken, etc.


We need experienced people to join our Year Book Editorial Committee. If you are interested, please contact Sze Chan by email at cs0124@gmail.com.


If you are interested in advertising with our year book, please contact Jimmy Rong at jierong@gmail.com or Gene Chang at genejchang@gmail.com.


Sincerely yours,