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2009 Summer Camp for the children of PKU alumni

Dear PKUer,


If you are interested in sending your kid(s) to a summer camp in Peking University, the application deadline is approaching. Please visit following website for further details:



Program Introduction

In order to render overseas alumni better service, Peking University Alumni Association plans to provide overseas alumni’s kids (Here named junior PKUer) with a short-term program during the summer vacation this year. The short-term program consists of two parts, Mandarin Training and Summer Camp, which is organized jointly by Peking University and Beijing Municipal Government Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs. Browse The Programme Poster.


Mandarin Training


Host by: Peking University

Class hours: 2009 June 22-July 17, Monday to Friday, four hours per day, twenty hours per week, with extracurricular activities on Saturday.

General Curriculum:

A. Mandarin course:

1. Mandatory courses: Intensive Reading, Spoken Chinese, Pronunciation, Listening Comprehension and Video Course.

2. Elective courses: Chinese Folklore, Translation, Rhetoric, Writing, Newspaper Reading, Classical Chinese, and Selected Readings from Contemporary Chinese Literature, etc. All courses aim to improve the student’s the ability to use Mandarin in real-life circumstances.

B. Classes arrangements upon Mandarin proficiency: elementary, intermediate, and advanced classes are provided. Students are arranged according to the results of the Mandarin placement exam after admission. There are about fifteen students in a class.

C. Chinese Culture Interactions

1. Shadowboxing (Taijiquan), Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, visits to traditional Beijing residential area (hutong), etc.

2. Weekend trips to Datong and Taiyuan in Shanxi Province, Chengde in Hebei Province, Mount Tai and Qufu in Shandong Province, Inner Mongolia Province, and other historical and cultural sites.

3. Trips to Luoyang, Xi'an, Shanghai and Hangzhou.

E. Documentations:

Students will receive a Peking University Student ID card upon registration, a program certificate and an official transcript upon completion of the program.


Overseas Youngster Root – Seeking Summer Camp in Beijing

Host by: Beijing Municipal Government Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs.

Schedule: 2009 July 18-July 22

Attending the Opening Ceremony of the Summer Camp and Performance at the Great Hall of the People;

Visiting the Imperil Palace, the Great Wall etc. and other cultural landscape;

Visiting the National Stadium (Bird's Nest), the National Aquatic Center (Water Cube) etc. and other Olympic stadiums;

Watching Chinese traditional arts performance;

Attending the Overseas Youngster Summer Camp Party at the National Indoor Stadium.


Application Prerequisites

Peking University overseas alumni's kids,

Non-Chinese citizens,

Between the age of 18 and 60(18 and 60 included),


With education background of or above high school graduation,

Have over 800 Chinese words in your vocabulary or have studied Mandarin for over 80 class hours.


Application Procedures

Applicants should submit following materials to Peking University Alumni Association before April 17, 2009:

a) Complete International Student Application Form for Short-term Studies at Peking University (DOWNLOAD)(typed or printed) and the Application Form for Overseas Youngster Summer Camp(DOWNLOAD)

b) Three pieces of passport photos

c) Photocopy of Passport Information page

d) Certificate of highest degree or copy

e) Certificate of HSK exam or official transcripts of full-time Chinese language training

f) One letter of recommendation in English or Chinese

e) Sponsor Letter from sponsor in Beijing (Provided by Peking University Alumni Association)



A.Application fee: 400RMB per person

B.Tuition: 4,200RMB per person (textbooks, visits to historical sites, and excursions included)

C.Accommodation fee: Peking University Foreign Experts Apartment: 4600 RMB per person (main bedroom, breakfast not included), or 4200 RMB per person (secondary bedroom, breakfast not included).

D.Medical care and personal activities excluded.


Contact Information

Peking University Alumni Association

Attn: Ms.Zhao Lin, Ms.Tao Juan

75 Jing Chunyuan, Room 104, Peking University

Beijing, 100871, China

Tel: (86-10)-6275 1595 (86-10)-6275 4013

Fax: 86-10-62755998

E-mail: zhaolin@pkuef.org; taoj2009@pku.edu.cn



Best regards,