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Canada Immigration Seminar at UCLA on April 9, 2005

Dear Alumni,


There is an immigration seminar at UCLA on April 9, 2005. Please find the details below.


Best regards,






Canada Immigration Seminar


Time: April 9, 2005 (Saturday) 7pm---8:30pm


Location: 3200 Sawtelle blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

(University Village of UCLA)


Speaker: Mr. Dennis Tanack: Senior immigration consultant,

Mr. Vincent Ma: Maple International LLC


Admission: Free


Parking: Free street parking


Plase note: You will get a $100 discount coupon for the service fee if you

participate the seminar


Afraid of loosing your status in US? Thinking hard about securing your

stay here?


If you are one of the thousands of students who have faced with the tough

reality of US immigration, you might be interested knowing the potential

problems and your options:


1. Due to recent downturn of US economy, the yearly quota for H1-B is

extremely limited. The job market is also very tight for new graduates.

It is very difficult to find an employer that sponsors H1 visa.

2. Employer sponsored US immigration is also strictly related to the

business environment of the employer and US at large. Approval rate for

US green card is very low and processing time is very long. Usually, H1-B

holders have to leave US within ten days after they stop working.


Now, you wondering about solution? Maple International LLC has a hope to


1. You can continue to work or study in the US (without moving to Canada)

for approximately 4 years after you receive your immigration visa

2. You can get a 10-year multiple-entry visa to the US. On your first

entry into the US from Canada, you will receive a Multi-Entry I-94 Card,

which allows you to stay in US to find a solution.

3. You can apply for Canadian citizenship after 3 years. With a Canadian

passport, you can easily stay or work in US

4. And best of all, the processing time for Canadian green card

applications is only about 12-18 months.

5. You always have a pass to land in North America even if you decide to

go back to your home country. You never know which place fits you the

best until you try.


Therefore, we suggest you apply for Canada Immigration as a backup while

you are still at school.


To bring a message of alternative route of Immigration for students, Maple

International LLC would like to share our 10 years of experience with

students from UCLA University. Maple International LLC is the largest

Canadian immigration firm in US. We have offices in Vancouver, San

Francisco and Los Angeles. Maple International LLC barrister and

solicitor, Mr. Dennis Tanack and senior immigration consultant, Mr.

Vincent Ma will talk about recent rules and regulation about Canada