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"Joys of Spring" Concert

Dear alumni:


Hope that everybody had a wonderful Christmas!


To celebrate the coming of 2004, a group of talented Chinese vocalists will

present a musical concert "Joys of Spring" on Saturday, January 3, 2004.

Many of the artists are winners of various international competitions, and

the program includes both opera pieces and Chinese songs. Please see

http://pku.org/event/200401/concert.pdf for details.


Special offers:

(1) Student discount - $5 off any ticket price

(2) Volunteers to help with the concert - free admissions



Tickets - Peter Zhang, 562-716-4024, pzhang1988@yahoo.com

Volunteers - Yanan Luo, 626-274-9669, yananluo@hotmail.com


Happy New Year!


PUAASC Executive Committee