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Moon Festival Celebration Organized by SW CSSA

Dear alumni,


We are pleased to announce a Moon Festival Celebration organized by SW CSSA

(Chinese Students and Scholars Associations of Southwest America) on this coming

Saturday (see the details below). Everyone is welcome to join.


Also, our own Moon Festival Celebration (and the 2003 Annual Gathering) last

Saturday was a success. Please take a look at some photos taken by our board

member Wenge (Bryan) Xu at http://pku.org/Convention2003/If you were there,

see if you can spot yourself in the photos; if you missed it, you could get a

glimpse of the celebration. If some of you also took photos of the celebration

and want to share them with all alumni, please contact webmaster@pku.org.


Best regards,




Dear CSSA members,


You are invited to celebrate the Moon Festival!


What: Mid-autumn Festival Celebration of SW CSSA

(Chinese Students and Scholars Associations of

Southwest America)


When and where:

Sept. 13, Sat., 2003

Univesity of Southern California


7:30pm - 7:45pm Moon Cake Reception, outside

Bovard Auditorium

7:45pm - 10:45pm Excellent Performances, Bovard



FREE admission

FREE moon cakes

FREE drinks

Join the lottery for FREE


And most of all, enjoy the wonderful performances!!!


First prize for lottery: DVD player


For more information such as direction, please check:




Happy Moon Festival!


And welcome!


Best wishes,





1. One piece of Moon Cak

e per person.

2. No food or drink allowed INSIDE Bovard Auditorium.

3. Thanks so much to our sponsors:

Chinese Consulate General




Hao You Lai Express

Tian Fu Xiang Man Lou Restaurant

Yeo's Drinks

Singtao Daily

Wu Shi Piano

99 Ranch Supermarket

A1 printing


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