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2004-2005 PUAASC EC Election

Dear alumni,


Have you attended some or all of the following 35 activities made available by

2002-2003 PUAASC Executive Committee?


11/21/2003: Attending movie Blindness premier

11/9/2003: Meeting with Heilongjiang human resources delegation

10/26/2003: Dinner party at Westside Pavilion

10/19/2003: Lunch party at Dr. Bryan Xu's home

10/15/2003: Celebration of Shenzhou V launching

9/27/2003: Attending Chinese National Day flag ceremony

9/7/2003: PKU alumni golf outing

9/6/2003: Moon Festival celebration (dinner and dance) and panel on Beida's

reform proposal at Richard Lee's Mansion

8/23/2003: Attending "Hot Dance" summer celebration

6/28/2003: Second Beida, Tsinghua, and Jiaoda alumni picnic

5/2/2003: Donation for Peking University hospitals to fight against SARS

3/23/2003: Attending Beijing Association luncheon

3/23/2003: Attending SINA MBA Forum & Exhibitions

2/23/2003: PUAASC/CAST-LA/CSA-SC Spring Gathering

2/2/2003: Attending SINA US forum about the hiring preferences and the job

market picture in China for 2003

1/25/2003: Attending Asian American Regional Leadership Forum by Committee of


1/5/2003: Attending 2003 Classical Vocal Music Concert - Joy of Spring

12/28-30/2002: The Fifth Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and

Technology (in Guangzhou)

12/20/2003: Visiting Education Ministry and Peking University Software

Institute (in Beijing)

12/14/2002: Attending SINA US forum about China's investment, business, and

career opportunities

12/14/2002: Attending speech by Mr. Yuan Tao, former Special Commissioner of

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in Macao

12/12/2002: Attending speech by Mr. Long Yongtu, Vice Minister of Foreign Trade

and Economic Cooperation of China

11/22/2002: Sending a plaque to Beida for celebrating 90th anniversary of

Beijing Medical University

10/16/2002: Meeting with Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau delegation

9/30/2002: Dinner party for Chinese National Day

9/21/2002: Seminar about US-educated entrepreneurs in China

9/18/2002: Donations for Peking University mountaineering team losses

6/28/2002: Meeting with Chinese Overseas Liaison delegation

6/16/2002: Attending performance by China Philharmonic Orchestra

5/29/2002: Seminar on US and China financial and banking software industry

5/25/2002: Farewell party for Education Consul E Xuewen

5/18/2002: PKU 104th anniversary celebration and bioscience lectures.

3/31/2002: Seminar on filing tax returns and US and China tax systems.

3/30-31/2002: Co-Sponsoring and exhibition at seminars and banquets of

Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California

3/23/2002: Beida, Tsinghua, and Jiaoda alumni picnic

1/12/2002: PUAASC Board and Executive Committee election


We are sure that you want to see PUAASC to provide you more fun activities,

more networking and social and academic development opportunities in the coming

years. So please join us for the next big event:


Time: Sunday, December 14, 2003 2 PM - 4 PM


Location: Roxbury Park Auditorium, Beverly Hills

471 S. Roxbury Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210

(Cross street: Olympic Blvd. The Park has excellent children's

playground. It is near the famous Rodeo Drive. The Auditorium

is inside the Beverly Hills Community Center, the second building

south of Olympic Blvd.)


Direction: http://pku.org/event/200312/Driving_Direction.doc


Free admission; Free parking in the parking lot or on street; Refreshments




- Peking University Alumni Card for you

- Q&A on College Savings for Your Children

- Vote for one of the candidate teams to become PUAASC Executive Committee in

2004-2005. Team introductions: http://www.pku.org/index3.htm

- Recent news from Peking University

- Social time


If you are NOT able to attend the PUAASC election on 12/14 in Beverly Hills,

please fill out the following e-ballot, and send it to vote@pku.org between now

and mid-night 12/13. You must have studied or worked at Peking University or

the former Yan Jing University or the former Beijing Medical University, and

currently live in Southern California to participate in voting. You must

receive the e-ballot directly from PUAASC (from address is

pku@w3402.hostcentric.net). Voter's qualification is subject to random

verification by the PUAASC Board of Directors. Please do not forward the

e-ballot below to any alumni. Instead, please ask them to vote in-person on

12/14 or receive e-ballot from PUAASC after they register at http://www.pku.org

on or before 12/10.









Candidate Teams Introduction: (Each team has 5 persons. Only

one team will be elected.)


Yanan Luo Team:

President - Yanan (Jenny) Luo (Ph.D., USC)

Patent Agent, Hogan & Hartson

Peking University 84-88 B.S. in Biology


Vice President - Zhimin Zhou (Ph.D., UCLA)

Project Manager, Broadcom

Peking University 81-86 B.S. in Electrical Engineering


Vice President - Lei Feng (M.S., PKU)

Ph.D. Candidate, Electric Engineering, USC

Peking University 92-99 B.S., M.S. in Electric Engineering


Vice President - Kewei Gong (Ph.D., University of Bern, Switzerland)

Postdoc in Medical School, UCLA

Beijing Medical University 91-94 M.D.


Vice President - Hongmei Li (M.A., USC)

Ph.D. Candidate, Annenberg School for Communication, USC

Peking University 92-97 B.A. in English Language and Literature


Please see http://pku.org/event/200312/Yanan_Luo_Team_Intro.doc for more



Michael Wu Team:

President - Michael Wu (MBA, UC Irvine)

Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch

Peking University 82-86 B.S. in Physics


Vice President - Tiansheng Li (Ph.D., Univ. of Missouri-KC)

Senior Research Scientist, Amgen

Peking University 81-85 B.S. in Chemistry


Vice President - Hongyu Zhang (Ph.D., PKU)

Senior Research Scientist, Ceres

Peking University 93-96 Ph.D. in Computational Biology


Vice President - Alice Qu (Ph.D., Syracuse University)

Office and Accounting Department Manager, Acrosser Technology

Beijing Medical University 83-88 B.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Vice President - Hongmei Li (M.A., USC)

Ph.D. Candidate, Annenberg School for Communication, USC

Peking University 92-97 B.A. in English Language and Literature


Please see http://pku.org/event/200312/Michael_Wu_Team_Intro.doc for more



Please show your support for PUAASC and come to vote!


PUAASC Executive Committee